Shuki Levy is an award winning producer, composer, recording and performing artist. He co-created the hit TV series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and he was the driving creative force behind Saban Entertainment, a children’s programming giant that he founded with business partner Haim Saban. With Shuki at the creative helm, Saban Entertainment grew into one of the largest independent producers and distributors of children’s programming in the world before partnering with Rupert Murdoch to acquire the Family Channel and The Fox Kids Network, making the company a formidable force in the broadcasting world as well.

As a composer, Shuki has garnered 15 Gold and Platinum records with sales in excess of 14 million records worldwide. He has scored over a dozen feature and television films and composed the music for over 130 television shows. Shuki currently holds the world record for composing the most television theme songs, including such memorable themes as Inspector Gadget, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Spider Man, X-Men, and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Although Shuki has found international success as a composer and producer, his connection to his home country of Israel remains strong. In 2007 he opened a state-of-the-art museum at the desert fortress Masada, giving a home to the numerous historical treasures found there. He composed a dramatic stage musical inspired by the story of Masada which premiered in London’s West End in 2008.

Shuki is co-chair of the Einstein Legacy Project, a global initiative to honor the life and legacy of Albert Einstein and to identify and inspire the next generation of brilliant minds on the planet. He is also active with his nonprofit organization, the Shuki and Tori Levy Foundation, which is committed to supporting educational endeavors that spread positive energy and build bridges of understanding between people from all backgrounds. The Foundation supports a network of educational projects and creative properties aimed at helping children and families understand the importance of positive thinking.